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In memoriam
 Herdenkingsbijeenkomst voor
Estella Vermeulen, Andrew Hoare en hun kinderen Jasper en Friso

Op zaterdag 27 september om 15.00 wordt er in het centrum van Roeser een herdenkingsbijeenkomst gehouden voor Estella Vermeulen, Andrew Hoare en hun kinderen Jasper en Friso. Zij kwamen om bij de vliegramp met de MH17 in Oekraïne op 17 juli.
De herdenking vindt plaats op een open terrein, mogelijks in open lucht. Er zal een navette zijn naar Roeser vanaf Hotel Bernini Bettembourg, Ibis Livange en het station van Berchem.

De familie vraagt geen foto’s te maken tijdens de herdenking.

 Memorial service for 
Estella Vermeulen, Andrew Hoare and their children Jasper and Friso

On Saturday 27th September a memorial service will be held in the center of Roeser for Estella Vermeulen, Andrew Hoare and their sons Jasper and Friso starting at 15:00 o’clock. They were among the victims of flight MH17 that crashed in Ukraine on 17th July.
The memorial service will be held on an open terrain, possibly outdoors. There will be a navette towards Roeser departing from Hotel Bernini Bettembourg, Ibis Livange and Berchem station.
The family asks to refrain from taking any photographs during the memorial service.

Periscolaires activities registrations

For all (Lux 1 and Lux 2 pupils and parents) 
Information, meeting monitors, registration issues , 
Foire des activités périscolaires 
Thurday 18th September 
17h to 20h
Hall Primaire  Lux 1 school 
Eurosport 2015

From March 11th to 14th, 2015 the European School Luxembourg I will organise “Eurosport 2015” .  This is the biggest sports event for European Schools, held every two years, since 1976.

The thirteen other European Schools will be invited to participate, in a challenging organisation exercise involving the accommodation of nearly 400 pupils, equally divided between boys and girls.

The organisors ask for your assistance
to make this event one to remember !


They are looking for host families for the participating pupils from the European Schools of Alicante, Bergen, Brussels, Culham, Frankfort, Karlsruhe, Mol, Munich and Varese, for the three days of their stay in Luxembourg between March 11th to 14th.

Please visit: www.euroschool.lu and click on the “Eurosport” tab for more information.

   Chers parents, 

Les APEEELs et les Ecoles européennes de Luxembourg 1 et 2 vous invitent à une conférence. 

 Mme Shahabi interviendra sur le thème :
« La construction identitaire en milieu plurilingue et pluriculturel: étude de la politique linguistique éducative des écoles européennes dans le contexte luxembourgeois ».

Détails : Invitation Conférence Mme Shahabi.pdf

 Jeudi 2 octobre à 19 h, 
Salle E/009-0010 bâtiment secondaire, EELux 1 (Kirchberg).
Entré libre et gratuit. En Français. 
APEEEL2 survey

2014 APEEEL2 Flash survey.
Monday 22nd September
More info : APEEELuxII

Communication transport Lux 2
  Dear Lux 2 parents,
Please follow this link for information regarding IMPORTANT Communication on transport Lux 2 school. APEEELuxII
Post bac questionnaire

Many congratulations to all having received their European Baccalaureat qualification. Every year,  the Federation of the Parents' Associations collects and publishes a list of the Bacheliers and their career choices/study destinations.

This information is of great interest to both pupils and parents, it will be published in the "Rapport de rentrée" of the European School for the current year.

Thank you for completing the following form and returning it by e-mail to editor@fapeeel.lu by 24th Sept:bacheloEN2014.doc 

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18/09/2014 17:00 Foire activités Périscolaires
02/10/2014 19:00 Conférence Pédagogique Conference

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 Plus d'information periscolaire@fapeeel.lu

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  Rentrée 2013/2014
All existing codes will be cancelled; Parents wanting to use this service for 2013-2014 will have to resubscribe . 
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En collaboration avec Orange, la FAPEEEL peut vous alerter par SMS en cas d'urgences des Ecoles Européennes. 
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Batiment Jean Monnet

tel: 4301-33105
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           Periscolaires activities : periscolaire@fapeeel.lu


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